Our beloved Brew.

Our beloved Brew.
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Friday, January 30, 2015

Super Bowl Ads Are Like America's Presidential Elections

With no effort on my part other than a mouse click, I've seen "leaked" Super Bowl ads from six different advertisers via FaceBook. Rest assured, none of these are leaked but rather released with the hope they'll get extra exposure to amortize the outrageous expense of producing and airing them. Sadly, not even the cutesy Budweiser or dramatic domestic violence spots moved me. Ads that merely make me say "Aw" or reinforce what I already know to be despicable conditions but don't actively entice me to DO something are a waste of money. More on this later.

It dawned on me, Super Bowl ads, and the Super Bowl itself are akin to America's presidential election process. 1. The far too long lead up is just a bunch of overwrought theater that serves little purpose other generating billions of dollars in ad sales. 2. The main characters are almost indistinguishable from one another and of little interest except to a small pocket of supporters. 3. The event itself is anticlimactic despite all the hoopla and drama the media tries to invent. 4. Two weeks after the event it is all but forgotten by most people. 4. The public participates because it has come to believe the experience that revolve around the concept of parties is a form of patriotic obligation. 5. The next morning, most people feel noting but a nagging headache and regret. 6. Regardless of who wins, the outcome has little or no meaning in the lives of 99.9% of Americans.

I have to return to the topic of a specific ad. Slapping a web address at the end doesn't move me to action. In the case of the domestic violence ad, donated by the NFL, I found it to be nothing more than gratuitous, exploitative, lip service. FYI, NFL, the public is already aware that domestic violence is an issue. Your members have given us repeated examples. Pat yourself on the back for "raising awareness" of a critical issue if you like, but most of us would prefer to give you a swift kick in the ass for your attitude and handling of the topic.

I'll be skipping the game. What ads I haven't seen will be available on Monday. Let's hope they actually attempt sell something and give me valid reason to consider buying but I predict it will feel like any other Nov. 5th.