Our beloved Brew.

Our beloved Brew.
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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Just Say No to Presidential Debates

Here are five reasons I will not be watching any of the Presidential debates:
1. The candidates are so heavily scripted and rehearsed within strict, pat answers nothing of any significance will be revealed unless reason #2 is in play.
2. Like NASCAR events, most people watch hours of debates just to witness the crashes. The price/value relation just isn't there for me.
3. For days afterwards, the media will be slicing and dicing to inform us as to who won, why and how. The story will be unavoidable unless you live under a rock. Oh, wait, that would mean you'd be neighbors with an elected official of some stripe.
4. I voted for Obama last time, not that I believed one word of his rhetoric, but because I felt strongly we as a nation had to get past the "black man as president" issue. My view then, as it is now, was he would prove to be no significant change from what we've had for generations in the White House. His color proved to be a nonissue in his leadership or lack thereof, depending on your political leanings. Romney's being a Morman is just his flavor, which, like Obama, will have no bearing on the office. Listening to either of them spout their moral values is a waste of time and anyone who claims they found either candidate "more believable or presidential" through this staged charade probably also dedicates viewing hours to watching "Honey Boo Boo."
5. Outside of their fiscal views, I see little difference in either party. Every President, regardless of party, has contributed to the dire economic state and decline in the standard of living of the average American. Both parties took their turns at the wheel, embraced wars we had no business fighting, foreign and domestic policies that serve their cronies ahead of the people, and proved that regardless of who is in office, the debt gets deeper and "facts" (statistics) are presented to make it look the other side's fault. Obama (the multimillionaire) will tell us how evil the wealthy are and how he's fighting for the middle class. Romney will tell us that free enterprise and the ability to amass wealth is what creates jobs for the middle class.

I doubt there's anyone left in America of voting age that is still undecided about how they intend to vote. If they exist and  use the debates to form their opinion I hope they get exactly the government they deserve.