Our beloved Brew.

Our beloved Brew.
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Of Casey Anthony, One Juror and Another Mom

Step aside Lady Justice, there's a new babe (and I do mean babe) in town and the scales are clearly tilting toward the one of "hot bod" contest fame. Lady, you may be blind, but the rest of us got a month's view of a whole new take on the pursuit of liberty.

If there's a person reading this that does not know the details of the Casey Anthony trial then stop reading. I have no interest in recounting the trial, the massive misdirection attempted by both sides, and successful only by the defense, or the brutality done to the child, Caylee Anthony, which led up to it.

Let's get right to the heart of the matter. Are you trying to tell me there wasn't a SINGLE person on that jury that believed she killed her own child, most likely in a torturous manner, and then threw the body in a festering swamp to be consumed into nature? Seriously? I heard an alternate juror suggest that evidence wasn't presented to convict, but that doesn't mean they considered Casey Anthony innocent. Nice copout. If just ONE of them had held out there would have been a hung jury and the prosecution would get a second bite at the apple. Instead, society now has another psychopath back on the streets and running around the bars during ladies night. Really? Not one of you figured out that this woman does not belong in society and by simply sticking to common sense we could keep her locked up until the State figured out how to convict her on the appropriate charges?

Instead, juries like this one go into deliberations to talk each other into something. It becomes an exercise in focus group strongman personalities. That in a nutshell is the fundamental problem (besides scumbag lawyers - I know that's redundant) plaguing our legal system. All it took was one person to do the right thing.

Until the court case was being broadcast live on TV, I had little knowledge of it, and had not formed an opinion about guilt or suspects. At times throughout the trial I watched live TV coverage and in some cases, cable news coverage of the days' events in late night reports. To spare the suspense, let me go on record as saying I firmly believe Casey Anthony is guilty of murder. Remember, what the twit alternate told us, being acquitted is not the same as being found innocent.

Perhap, like me, at times, you viewed the trial in the "how does this relate to me" mode. Throughout the proceedings I couldn't help but think of another young mother I met a few months ago. At the ripe old age of 21 she is the single mother of a bouncy two year old. We met through my daughter over the Christmas Holiday and I could not help but be impressed by this young woman we'll call Susan.

Susan had a child with her longtime boyfriend who then went overseas to study. Susan was left to finish her college education, work part time, and care for her son with the substantial help of her family. She loaded up on credits during her pregnancy and beyond so she could graduate early and get on with providing for and raising her son. The father of the boy has since returned to the States but he is more interested in pursuing his business career and playing at part time daddy than being a real man and claiming his responsibilities to his child and the mother. Through it all, Susan has remained upbeat, positive, nonjudgmental, and completely focused on her responsibilities and the love of her life - her little boy. When I met Susan, I instantly formed a deep admiration toward her for the commitment she shows to her child and her intent to better herself to provide for both of their futures. She has a spirit, sense of responsibility and a work ethic you won't find in many people in their early 20's. That brings us back to deadbeat, high school dropout, bimbo and waste of flesh that is Casey Anthony.

It shocks me to see the majority of American people dismayed about the outcome of the verdict. Our legal system was never intended to arrive at truth and justice. It is designed to pursue proof. Without proof one cannot be convicted. Casey Anthony will forever be acquitted of the murder of Caylee Anthony. End of case.

Our legal system has as much to do with pursuit of justice as our health and medical systems have to do with delivering care to everyone who suffers from any affliction, condition, disease, or tummy ache. Our health system is designed to provide services to those who can afford to pay and those who pose the greatest risk to the general population, be it through contagion, financial cost, social or civic burden. It is not meant to address everyone's health related needs. Similarly, our medical system is designed to provide products and services to those who can afford it at various levels. Pharmaceutical companies are not interested in curing disease, only in selling drugs to manage it. Doctors do not practice medicine as a hobby. Those who can pay more, get more. Those who can't, get less or do without. There is medical school, summer homes, and the latest model Mercedes Benz to pay off, not to mention first wives.

I find those who lament the lack of justice for Caylee Anthony in the trial to be pathetic. The only justice that child could get was never to have been born to that mother. Nothing spared her the suffering or can bring her back. Short of those things, the concept of justice is perverted.

There you have it. A child's life is snuffed out. Oops, so sorry. Casey Anthony goes on to live a life of fame and infamy, and Susan and her little boy live quiet, honorable but publicly unacknowledged lives of dignity. And life goes on while CNN and Nancy Grace seek the next headline.