Our beloved Brew.

Our beloved Brew.
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Toyota Recall Advice

Like every other brand expert in the world, I have to chime in regarding the Toyota recall. Since so much has been written and said about the depth of Toyota's problems and what it will take to repair the damage, I will keep my remarks short.

Issue #1: HEY, TOYOTA start making SAFER, more reliable, and better cars. The proof is, you haven't been doing that despite all your apologies and claims "We're really concerned."

Issue #1: HEY, TOYOTA, stop TALKING (ads) about what a great car you make and how dedicated your people are and START doing it! The fact that you INCREASED your ad spending underscores your insincerity, and your belief that you can buy your way out of the problem. When will corporate America (and Japan) learn that throwing millions of dollars into your ad agencies bank account DOES NOT improve the situation. Of course, the ad agencies will argue they are part of the solution. Go to a carpenter and ask them how they solve problems and they'll use a hammer. A brand is not advertising or marketing. Your ad agency is in the process of underscoring it and your future sales will confirm it.

Issue #3: HEY, TOYOTA, at what point do you come to the realization that you sell more because what you sell is better than the next guy instead of you sell more because you sell more. The worst thing you could hope to be is what you were - a bloated, arrogant, customer disregarding, mass producer of autos.

Issue #4: Every single car you build represents a person, a future owner, and their loved ones, not a machine. Start building cars as if your child were riding in it instead of buidling it as if your child was profiting from it.