Our beloved Brew.

Our beloved Brew.
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Friday, July 12, 2013

Justice For Whom?

The call came from a junior defense lawyer (I think they're called associates) months ago that I was being named as a witness in a civil case in which I am not a party and would be required to give a deposition. Shortly there after I got a letter from the same person asking for a copy of every written and electronic piece of correspondence exchanged with the client over a two year period of time. Enclosed was a check for $20 for my trouble.

I shot back a nasty email to the lawyer informing her, that like her, my hourly rate was more than $20 would cover. Since I had no contractual obligation with the client to retain records as I do with some others, hadn't worked with the client in well over a year and had no interest in ever working with this client again, saving the files was just more clutter so I discard all the files long ago when I upgraded computers and downsized my office.

Not long after, I got a call from the plaintiff's attorney informing me they weren't even sure I would be selected as a witness and it would be months before depositions would be taken and I might not be included.

Can someone explain why I am being forced by the court to participate in this case between former business partners who had a falling out that didn't involve me and getting jack squat for my time and trouble? Screw the civic duty argument. I am now being forced to give up a day's pay, engage an attorney at my own expense and pay $100 out of pocket (the cost of gas, tolls and parking) so these lawyers and litigants can debate who gets to keep the millions of dollars they are squabbling over. All the while, everyone in the system from the judge to the stenographer gets paid except for me.

Ironically, that junior lawyer bills for every minute she spends on the case as well as the three minute cab ride she'll take to get to the deposition. Some people get nervous in situations like depositions. I can assure you I will be angry and not the least bit intimidated.

Well, the dumb-ass court system can force me to be there but it can't force me to be cooperative, have "clear" memory or function other than as a hostile witness to the entire process. If I do it right, I will successfully avoid having to return (again at my own expense) for the trial. Screw you, Lady Justice. Your scale is way off as far as I am concerned.