Our beloved Brew.

Our beloved Brew.
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Friday, August 17, 2012

Chevrolet Total Confidence (Lost) Pricing - Part II

Please, Chevrolet, just give up!

In a post last week, I trashed Chevy for it's smarmy ad campaign titled "Total Confidence Pricing." In particular, I was offended by the ad where a couple agrees to a whopping $350 discount from the MSRP of $18,500.

Earlier tonight, I saw the same ad but this version replaced the original placard with the pricing the couple present to the salesman, with a placard that has the campaign title on it. In other words, the visual doesn't even match the dialogue. Now when the male customer says "We're going to slide you a price" there isn't one on the placard he slides across the desk.

That's right, Chevy, viewers don't pay close enough attention to your ads that they would notice the switch. No doubt, the company has a rock solid explanation for the change. Like one of their cars, I'm not buying it.

Rather than abandon a pathetically misguided campaign and move on, Chevy has modified the ad and made itself look even more ridiculous.

So sad.