Our beloved Brew.

Our beloved Brew.
R.I.P. Big guy.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Now That the Debt "Crisis" Has Passed and America's Youth Yawn On

Two items related to this budget debacle:
1. Other than averting default, this act in Washington accomplished very little. A national balanced budget is the worst idea to come out of this politcal charade they called a crisis. You and I should live within our household means, but a government is not a household. To move the economy the government needs the ability to borrow. Had there been a balanced budget act during WWII we would have lost the war.

Yes, spending has to come down so we can apply cash to debt and get it more in line, but not wiped away. This is Keynesianism 101.

 2. Where is the American youth voice on matters of national importance such as this, the wars we are in, and the environment? No one takes to the streets anymore and outrage is outdated. America's youth has been medicated, mollified and texted into submissiveness.

Change on an order of magnitude unseen since the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War is needed in this country and it won't come until our young people claim the cause. My generation and the one before me are too locked into our ways to put forth the courage or the creativity needed but there are individuals among all generations who will take up the cause when young people rally. Get informed, get mad, then make it right.