Our beloved Brew.

Our beloved Brew.
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's it Worth to Have Blago's Head on a Plate?

The verdict is in. The jury agreed on only one of 24 counts against former IL governor Rod Blagojevich. The jury just couldn't wade through all the information the government presented and draw a conclusion on the more serious counts. Blago faces up to five years on what amounts to the same charge of lying to the FBI, that sent Martha Stewart to jail.

The Adams father and son clowns that Blago has as lawyers proudly proclaimed they presented no defense during the trial, but looked ridculous in the post trial media interviews as the ranted, raved and taunted the federal prosecutor to build public sentiment against a retrial on the hung-jury counts. They characterized the prosecutor as "a nut" and suggested he is a master at getting indictments against innocent people.

Did I miss something? Hey Bozos - your client lost! He's now a convicted felon! He is almost certainly going to prison. He will lose his law license. He still has to deal with the retrial where it's likely he faces a retooled prosecution, more focused on certain counts, and almost as certainly, he is headed for more convictions and years added to his sentence unless the government offers him a plea deal.

The Adams' and Blago each took a turn before the cameras and microphones to express their indignation and blast the case that was brought by the government. They pointed out that while children are being shot dead on a daily basis in the streets of Chicago, police officers are being killed on almost a weekly basis, the money would be better spent on law enforcement rather than what they claim is the vindictive pursuit of a former governor by an overzealous goverment attorney.

Now that Blago's campaign war chest is depleted and the cost of his defense will be paid by tax payers, his team made the case that those tens of millions of dollars are a burden the public shouldn't have to bear.
Let me put it in simple terms: There should be no limit to what the people of Illinois, and other citizens of this country are willing to pay to regain the integrity of public office and insist that the holders of those offices, whether elected or appointed, understand there is no rock under which they can hide and expect to profit by pocketing the people's money. If my math is correct three of past five governors of the state of Illinois will have done prison time when Blago faces the music. Dan Walker and George Ryan both got caught with their hand in someone else's cookie jar.

Some people speculate that the jury failed to reach a verdict on the remaining counts because the crass and self serving manner in which Blago performed on the taped conversations is what many people see as the way the game of public office is played. Blago was merely doing standard horse trading as they see it. Even more reason to go after him again.

The good new is the federal prosecutor in this case seems single-minded in his commitment to see Blago face time for every criminal act for which he has been charged. As many a criminal can attest, the government seldom gives up in cases like this. I for one say, "Let the retrial begin!" Moreover, public servants everywhere who abuse their office should recognize their time is coming.